6-Week Social Media Marketing Course

The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Course to become a highly-skilled Social Media Marketer.


Social Media Marketing Track

The curriculum is packed with a lot of features.

Few of them are listed below.






What shall you learn?

Learn methodologies implemented by industry leaders.






Tools you shall learn

Get hands-on learning experience with this industry leading tools. 6 tools listed out of our 35 tool suite.






Explore our hands-on curriculum

Best-in-class content in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions

Week 1

Digital Marketing 101, Branding Deep-dive (Trial Week)

Week 2

Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Week 3

CV + Cover letter creation, professional etiquettes & interview preps.

Week 4-5

Campaign Immersion™:

Be a part of a real campaign, from ideation to execution & analysis

Week 6

Mock interview & placements

Last few seats remaining for Early Bird.



To be eligible, we require students to fill a form & pay a 1-time nominal fee to gauge student seriousness.

Intro sessions

Once through, join our first week for a trial, meet & interact with our coaches & fellow teammates.

Assignment Submissions

Submit assignments based on the trial course. Participation is mandatory.

Final Eligibility Test

Appear for final eligibility test, questions asked are based on the trial course.

Legal agreement

If you pass, sign a legal income sharing agreement (ISA) & continue without paying the fees first. If you fail the test, you can continue by paying fees upfront.

Masterclass begins

The learning journey begins. Learn different concepts & practices that will land a job.

Campaign Immersion™

Campaign Immersion™:

Be a part of a real campaign, from ideation to execution & analysis.

Mock Interviews

Dedicated week of learning CV creation, job hunt, interview tips and tricks.


Post the mock interviews, placements begin.

Salary payouts

Earn that sweet money after placements. Fulfill your ISA by settling your fee installments.

Who can join us?

(Please join only if you are looking for a placement.)

Social Media Marketers & Marketing Professionals

Beginners & intermediate marketers who want to set themselves apart in a crowded industry.

Mid-level Social Media Marketers

Who wants to be part of a growing community of some of the best minds in the industry.

Digital Media Marketers

Who wants to grow their skill-set in social media marketing as well.

Marketing Freelancers

Who wants to increase their revenue-generation opportunities, acquire bigger clients.

Working Professionals (from Data Analytics, Web, UI-UX, Product)

Who wants to transition to an in-demand & profitable career.


Who want to pursue a lucrative career in social media marketing.

(Should at least be in the last year,

not less than that.)

Our Students Love What We Do!

"Learneca has been a life-changing experience for me. The culture, the curriculum, the support, the fellowship, the school got me through one of the toughest times of my personal and professional life and I am coming out on the other end educated, appreciated, and marketable."

Apurva Rajawat

"Learneca helped me develop my digital marketing skills from the scratch. I learnt how the industry works and develop the appropriate skill set. I feel lucky to have known about Learneca at the right time in my career. "

Jay Kapadia

"What an amazing set of weeks! The hands-on projects along with the lectures helped me create my own portfolio which in turn made me competent enough to contribute to organisations."

Sana Patel


Nandita Ghosh

People we've trained work at

How do I become a part of Learneca?

Earned. Not Given.

At Learneca, we believe nothing worth having comes easy. Before we take our step of investing in you, we want you to take a step first. To be a part of our job program, you'll have to complete the following 2 steps.

#1 Fill up application Form

In these application page, we would like to know about you & understand about you so we can prepare a plan of action for to nurture your skills.

#2 Task Completion

Once the application is submitted, you need to Complete a task (free) or pay a fee (Rs 499).

Start Your Application

Given the high number of applications, we only onboard students who are serious & committed. To showcase your commitment, you'll be required to fill an application form. Then, you'll need to successfully execute a task OR pay a 1-time fee.

Once you complete the task/fee process, you shall get access to the first week of the course. Based on your scores in the first week entrance exam, you shall be selected to the actual job program.

  • Step 1 (Application Form)
  • Step 2 (Milestone Task)
  • Step 2 (Milestone Fee)
Step 1 (Application Form)
Step 2 (Milestone Task)
Step 2 (Milestone Fee)

Note: Entries with fake & dummy entries in the task would be considered void and shall be disqualified. You'll be directly enrolled in the job program once you make the payment or complete the task.

Hurry Up!

Applications Close In

Pay after Placement? Is this fake or scam?

We are a ISO certified startup approved by Govt. of India. We have aligned our entire program with results & we believe that if you don't find our training valuable, we don't deserve your money. If you still have doubts, check out our student portfolio work by clicking on this link. Also, you may consider reading our reviews online.

What is income sharing agreement (ISA)? 

An Income sharing agreement or ISA is a way to pay your Learneca academy fee. An ISA is a contract under which you agree to pay your Learneca academy fee through deductions from your salaries. Students pay only if they're hired. No job, no Fees. As simple as that.

Can I learn from where I am or do I have to move anywhere?

Our training program is 100% online. You do need to commit to participating in all the required interactive sessions through our virtual meetups, weekly video office hours with your teammates & you need to be responsive in practicing real design/marketing with companies.

What is the commitment? Is it full time or part time?

The program is part time: 2 hours (Mon-Fri) for 8 weeks. However, assignment & submissions shall be due during the weekends. Our dedicated coach team will ensure you stay on track during these 8 weeks through follow-ups & regular touch ups.

The class hours don’t work for me. Can I attend in my own time?

No. Our sessions require >80% attendance for all hours of the classes. Although we do record and archive all of our lectures, the recorded lectures alone won't be enough. You need to be active & participate in all of our post class activities.

What things do you look for in a student?

Our tests come down to 4 things: Discipline, aptitude, communication & curiosity. It does not really matter where you went to college. We care more about your determination & zeal to learn. Since the cohort is in English, knowing English is also a must.

Why was my application not accepted?

Usually, we disallow students because they might lack discipline or the required mindset. Our academic assistants would provide you a feedback along with some remedies on how you can overcome them. Students, if rejected, may work on their shortcomings & re-apply in the subsequent batches.

How is this better than free online tutorials or other E-learning portals?

Learning on Learneca is completely different. We charge students for the experiential learning journey rather than the learning material itself. On top of that, we provide value to students by offering: Personalized feedback by our academic assistants, Industry relevant instructional quality, In-demand job relevant curriculum, Career support, Community support (from fellow students/teachers) & a lot more.

Do graduates of Learneca get certificates?

Yes, Absolutely! Upon successful completion of all the criteria, the student shall be rewarded with a certificate bearing Learneca's mark of approval.

What should not I expect from you?

We'd like to maintain transparency on what to expect & what not to expect from us. We shall be helping students & assisting them but we won't be spoon feeding students day in, day out. A decent amount of pro-activity and participation would be required from the student's end as well.

This sounds great but can I get to know you better first?

Sure! Once you apply, we shall be conducting a virtual orientation where in you can ask us your relevant doubts.