Learn Digital Marketing.

Earn INR 96,000-550,000 per annum.

100% Guaranteed Placements.

Pay after placements.

Learn from renowned experts at zero upfront fees.

Completely online. Pay only after you are hired.

India's 1st & Only

Placement based program. Pay only if you're hired or pay nothing. As simple as that.

See why people trust Learneca over others

Offline Institutes

No Placement Guarantee
Upfront costs
No personalised support
Real life assignments
1 certification

Online courses

No Placement Guarantee
Upfront costs
No personalised support
No real life assignments
1 certification


Guaranteed Placements
Zero Upfront costs
Academic coach support
Real life assignments
3+ certifications (Google + Hubspot + Learneca)

Invest your time wisely

Since you don't need to invest any money.

Learn + Fun + Earn


Compete against other teams on real time projects while you learn skills for life.


Make new friends by collaborating on your academic projects + play fun dual/group games every weekend.


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Fun + Friends

Because all work & no play makes jack a dull boy.

Our Super Friendly Fee Structures

Upfront Fee



Limited time 50% discount
Pay upfront
100% placement guarantee or refund
Pay after Placement
Limited time 50% discount
Pay 30% of whatever you learn in 12 monthly installments not more than the given fee
Pay only after placement

*In order to be eligible for pay after placement plan, you need to clear assignment/final admission test at the beginning of the program.

14 Weeks

Number of weeks it would take you to become placement ready with the help of our course & coaches.

Explore our hands-on curriculum

Best-in-class content in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions

Week 1

Introduction to Marketing

(Trial Week)

Week 2

Social Media Marketing 1: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Week 3

Website creation

Week 4

SEO: Introduction & Best Practices

Week 5

Content Marketing

Week 6

Google Analytics & Adwords

Week 7

Certifications + Campaign Immersion Pre-Brief

Week 8-11

Campaign Immersion™:

Be a part of a real campaign, from ideation to execution & analysis

Week 12-13

Soft skills: CV creation, professional etiquettes & interview preps.

Week 14


Post graduation, interviews begin.

Real Time Assignments

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. Our immersive assignments ensure every student has maximum involvement leading to better learning outcomes.

Student Success Stories

Learneca has been a life-changing experience for me. The culture, the curriculum, the support, the fellowship, the school got me through one of the toughest times of my personal and professional life and I am coming out on the other end educated, appreciated, and marketable.

Apurva Rajawat

Learneca helped me develop my digital marketing skills from the scratch. I learnt how the industry works and develop the appropriate skill set. I feel lucky to have known about Learneca at the right time in my career.

Jay Kapadia

What an amazing set of weeks! The hands-on projects along with the lectures helped me create my own portfolio which in turn made me competent enough to contribute to organisations.

Sana Patel

Still don't buy our word? Check out our student portfolio for yourselves.

Working from home? Don't let COVID ruin your productivity. Make yourself more productive and get the best out of you.

While there is no doubt that your technical skills are important to land a job, soft skills play a bigger role in achieving professional success.

Freshers often miss out on their dream jobs due to a few basic errors in the resume. Increase the chances of getting hired by almost 30% and get hired.

Future proof your career

Digital is the future & data is the new oil. Learn more about how Learneca can help you cement your career foundation.

Why are you charging nothing upfront? Is this fake or scam?

We are a ISO certified startup approved by Govt. of India. We have aligned our entire program with results & we believe that if you don't find our training valuable, we don't deserve your money. If you still have doubts, check out our student portfolio work by clicking on this link. Also, you may consider reading our reviews online.

What is income sharing agreement (ISA)? 

An Income sharing agreement or ISA is a way to pay your Learneca academy fee. An ISA is a contract under which you agree to pay your Learneca academy fee through deductions from your salaries. Students pay only if they're hired. No placement, no Fees. As simple as that.

Can I learn from where I am or do I have to move anywhere?

Our training program is 100% online. You do need to commit to participating in all the required interactive sessions through our virtual meetups & you need to be responsive across all the activities.

What is the commitment? Is it full time or part time?

The program is live: 1-1.5 hours (Mon-Fri) for the duration of the course. However, assignment & submissions shall be due during the weekends.

Is it necessary to join Learneca hiring partner companies only?

You may join any company you wish after our training program, but we would recommend the hiring partners since we have already worked with them to accelerate your interview process, & move you directly to the final round interview stage.

Which companies are Learneca hiring partners?

Currently, we have hiring partners in more than 12 cities. Our hiring partner companies range from startups, SMEs to MNCs.

What things do you look for in a student?

Our tests come down to 4 things: Discipline, aptitude, communication & curiosity. It does not really matter where you went to college. We care more about your determination & zeal to learn. Since the courses are in English, knowing English is also a must. On top of that, to ensure successful placements, we follow a set of guidelines that changes from time to time. You can find the same on the application form.

Why was my application not accepted?

Usually, we disallow students because they might lack discipline or the required mindset. Nothing personal! However, students, if rejected, may re-apply in our next batches.

How is this better than free online tutorials or other Elearning portals?

Essentially, learning on Learneca begins at zero upfront cost. We charge students for the experiential learning journey & only if they are hired. On top of that, we provide value to students by offering:

-World class instructional quality 

-In-demand job relevant curriculum

-Career support 

-Community support (from fellow students/teachers)

Do graduates of Learneca courses get certificates?

Yes, Absolutely! Upon successful completion of all the criteria, the student shall be rewarded with a certificate bearing Learneca's mark of approval. More details on the criteria can be found in the respective course detail page.

How can I be a Learneca hiring partner? How can I do business with Learneca?

To become a Learneca Hiring Partner, we charge a one time fee of Rs.499. To know more, click here. For business partnerships, kindly email us: partnerships@Learneca.com

This sounds great but can I get to know you better first?

Sure! Once you apply, we shall be conducting an virtual orientation where in you can ask us your relevant doubts. You shall also be getting a 1 week trial to gauge if this is the right fit for you or not.

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